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Ocean loving couple, Todd and Vicki Norman were brought together because of their mutual love of the ocean.

Vicki was raised in Southern California (Ventura County) and was a water girl from birth.  She is currently a USCG Captain, PADI Divemaster and a Marine Journalists.  She has  lived her life on, under and around and always appreciating and respecting the water.

At the young age of 18, the US Navy transplanted Todd to San Diego where he was quickly drawn to the ocean and within two weeks bought his first board was surfing all the San Diego breaks from OB to San O and all the way up to Santa Barbara.  

It was their similar interests and hobbies that inspired a mutual friend to introduce them in 2015. Their first date was surfing C-street, second date Paddling in his turf in Solana beach.  By Third date, Vicki had him learning to SCUBA and the rest is history – they have salt water in their veins which is why the passion for preservation  inspired launching devOcean llc in 2018.

Vicki and Todd’s commitment to ocean preservation was hindered being 6 hours from the nearest salt water most of the time. No longer were they able to organize regular beach and underwater clean ups or participate in the local organization events. Their drive to do what they could from afar to help preserve our precious resource inspired the idea for devOceanllc. The idea of distributing and selling eco-friendly, reusable bamboo straws fit right into their mission to encourage people to #suckresponsibly! And don’t be surprised if you see Vicki and Todd pop up at a beach clean-up in FL or CA where they visit as much as possible.

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